Timpani, Hammered, 8300 Series

Timpani, Hammered, 8300 Series

(Tympani, Timpano, Timbales Sinfónicos, Tympali, Tympelles, Kesselpauken, Timb à Levier, Pedalpauken, Fußstimmvorrichtung, Timpani a Pedali, Timbal de Pedal, Timbales Chromatiques, Timbale à Pédale, Timbales, Timbal, Timballi, Taballi, Tamburi, Kettledrums, Kesseltrommel, Pauken)

Mfg. by Yamaha

Set of 5. Balance action, hammered, cambered copper bowls, extended collar, with deluxe tuning gauges. Can be changed to German setup for additional fee and enough advance notice.

Model No.
$75/ each drum

20”, 23”, 26”, 29”, 32”