Timpani, Hand Hammered, 7300 Series

Timpani, Hand Hammered, 7300 Series

(Tympani, Timpano, Timbales Sinfónicos, Tympali, Tympelles, Kesselpauken, Timb à Levier, Pedalpauken, Fußstimmvorrichtung, Timpani a Pedali, Timbal de Pedal, Timbales Chromatiques, Timbale à Pédale, Timbales, Timbal, Timballi, Taballi, Tamburi, Kettledrums, Kesseltrommel, Pauken)

Mfg. by Yamaha

Balance action, hand-hammered copper bowls, extended collar, with deluxe tuning gauges. Can be changed to German setup for additional fee and enough advance notice.

Model No.
$75/each drum

23”, 26”, 29”, 32”