Timpani, Hand Hammered Philharmonic Light

Timpani, Hand Hammered Philharmonic Light

(Tympani, Timpano, Timbales Sinfónicos, Tympali, Tympelles, Kesselpauken, Timb à Levier, Pedalpauken, Fußstimmvorrichtung, Timpani a Pedali, Timbal de Pedal, Timbales Chromatiques, Timbale à Pédale, Timbales, Timbal, Timballi, Taballi, Tamburi, Kettledrums, Kesseltrommel, Pauken)

Mfg. by Adams

Premium timpani with large tuning range. Hand-hammered, cambered copper bowls. Floating bowl suspended on bronze struts contributing to deep, buttery resonance. Advanced, ratchet-free pedal system for quiet and precise tuning. Engineering of the frame and other mechanisms preserve pitch and clarity even while increasing playing volume. Extended collar with tuning gauges. Multiple adjustments to dial-in comfort of musician. Can be switched to German configuration upon request for an additional fee.

Model No.
$120/each drum

23”, 26”, 29”, 32”