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About our rates

The one-day rental price is the price for the first day’s rental. Rates posted on site are an estimate, and do not take into account delivery or extra travel out of the Los Angeles area. Weekly and monthly rates are available also! Every situation is different, so please call us for exact pricing.

About the instruments

Most of the instruments come with appropriate stands/hardware. Mallets come only with instruments to which they are exclusive, such as steel drums or tamborim. Renters are expected to know the appropriate mallets/sticks/beaters for each instrument, along with the general care of percussion instruments so as to avoid damage. Please contact us if there is an instrument you are looking for that you don’t see. Our inventory continues to grow.

Help with Percussion and Backline Instrumentation

We are happy to help you figure out the right instruments for your project. You can also use our SOUND SEARCH to help find instruments by timbre, material, and more.

For finding instrumentation requirements for existing works, especially of the orchestral variety, Percussion Orchestrations is a great resource. Go to

See Our Services for more detail about the services we can provide.

Request a Quote

Please upload only .pdf, .doc, xls, .jpg or png not bigger then 5MB.

Share your clips

We’d like to hear what you’ve done with these instruments, especially in different contexts. So, if you’ve used an LAPR instrument in a recording and want to share a clip, email us. We may post it on our site.


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