Our Services

In addition to our musical instrument rentals, we offer the following services:

Season Program Review

Musical and logistics review of upcoming seasons for orchestras and ensembles.

In-Person Sound Exploration

Offered to composers, orchestrators, and sound designers: work with professional percussionists to find the sound you have in mind, not only including instrument selection, but the mallet choice, striking techniques, extended techniques, and soforth, to get sounds that are off the beaten path.

Musical Instrument Props Consulting

Helping prop masters and other creative production staff to provide what is needed for film and TV.

On-Set Music Consultant

Professional musical consulting for productions, one-on-one with actor and/or during larger shoot or production.

Touring Services

Renting percussion section instruments, harp, double basses, celesta, and road cases for tours. Some of what we do includes repertoire checking with instrument requirements; initial itemized estimate with instrument choices; packaged pricing for tour; packing diagrams and/or photos; assistance with carnet / packing docs; logistics to and from both ends of tour; insurance requirements and certs; prep of instruments to be performance ready; final quote.

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