Bass Marimba

Bass Marimba

(Marimbaphone, Marimbaphon, Marimbafono, Piano Africano)

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The Emil Richards collection bass marimbas were bought at different times; the contrabass marimba (range of G1-G3) in the 1960s, and the bass marimba (range of C2-F3) in the 1980s (from the late percussionist Chet Ricord).

Mallets used on the bass marimba range from hard, large mallets to accentuate more of a bass line, to mushy soft mallets to bring out the more sonorous bottom (such as in live marimba ensemble performances).

These bass marimbas were used on soundtracks by Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Kamen, Elmer Bernstein, John Williams, and Michael Giacchino.

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