Boo Bams, Piccolo

Boo Bams, Piccolo

(Boobams, Plastic Marimba, Tube A Phone, Tubaphone, Tubophone, Tubaphon, Tubuscampanophon)

Mfg. by Emil Richards

Plastic tubaphone.

Price/Day $

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Emil Richards had in his collection what he dubbed “piccolo boobams,” which were actually constructed from golf club covers, arranged as a chromatic scale and mounted to a board. The original ones used black and white golf club covers so they could look like the keyboard of a piano. In this way, they are actually more like Boomwhackers (see pic and info on LAPR Emil Richards page).

For striking, Emil used glockenspiel mallets or hard yard mallets depending on the sound desired. The piccolo boobams were used in the soundtracks to a number of cartoons. Upon restoration, some additional notes were added by LAPR.