Congas, California Series

Congas, California Series

(Quinto, Conga, Tumba, Conga-Trommel)

Mfg. by Gon Bops

Appalachian Red Oak barrels. Latin American drums.

Model No.
Price/Day $
40 / each drum


  • Walfredo Reyes, Jr., jams on the Design Series DW drumset with his brother, Daniel de los Reyes, who plays on the California Series GonBops congas at LAPR.

Please note: these are just examples, as playing technique and mallet/stick choices often have a great effect on the timbre.

These sound excerpts, to the best of our knowledge (unless otherwise noted), include this actual instrument from our collection. To hear the instrument yourself, or to let us know of any errors, please contact us.