Cowbells, Chromatically Tuned

Cowbells, Chromatically Tuned

(Tuned Cowbells, Blòcco di Metallo, Cassa di Metallo, Campanaccio, Campanaccio di Metallo, Gregge, Campane da Gregge, Scampanellio da Gregge, Campanelle de Vacca, Sguilla, Almglocken, Alpenglocken, Kuhglocken, Herden glocken, Herden geläute, Vieschelle, Kuhschellen, Tierschelle, Bloques de Metal, Cencerros, Esquila, Cloches, Cencerros, Cloches à vache, Cloches vache, Cloche Mambo, Blocs de Métal, Bruit de Sonnaille des Troupeaux, Grelots de Vaches, Sonnaille, Sonnailles de Troupeau)

Used in Signalement, Return of the Jedi, Asyla, and many other pieces.

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Around the 1960s, Emil Richards found a builder who made sets of cowbells with an extended range. These chromatic cowbells (which are 2 ½ octaves) can be played melodically, which allows for some interesting possibilities with timbre.



  • Tuned cowbells double the melody line in the film, Under the Volcano (1984), composed by Alex North.

Please note: these are just examples, as playing technique and mallet/stick choices often have a great effect on the timbre.

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