Gong Bass Drum, Giant

Gong Bass Drum, Giant

(Gong Drum, Frame Drum, Gran Cassa a Una Pelle, Grancassa a Una Pelle, Grosse Caisse a Une Seule Peau, Einfellige Gross Trommel, Bombo con un Solo Parche, Gongtrommel)

Mfg. by Remo

Giant drum head on large rolling stand.

Massive low bass sound in the center, higher complex tones near the edges.

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Emil Richards got this giant gong drum from the Remo drum company in the late 1990s, as he thought it would be a great addition to his eclectic collection because of its massive size, dramatic character, and extreme resonance. Sometimes, when planning the recording, composers would ask Emil about the biggest drum he had and request him to bring it to the session. In the studio, he produced various sounds out of the gong drum by using mallets made from rubber balls, taiko sticks, and even mallets with rattles implanted in them.