Hand Bells

Hand Bells

(Tuned Hand Bells, Handbells, Handle Bells, Choir Bells, Sonagli a Mano, Clochettes a Mains, Handglocken, Handglockenspiel, Tischglocke, Campanello, Campanilla, Campanas de Mano, Campanillas de Mano, Sonnettes, Sonagli a Mano, Clochettes a Mains)

Mfg. by Schulmerich

Played on rack or individually by several players. Used in Your Rockbaby, Five Little Concertos & Ritornellos For Orchestra, Noye's Fludde and many other pieces.

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Emil Richards acquired his hand bells in the late 1980s via a contact at the Paiste cymbal company in Switzerland. They span a two-octave range. When played in the studio, Emil would lay the hand bells out chromatically, on a soft cloth to lessen excess noise. Often, two or three percussionists would play small sections at a time, if possible. One way of utilizing them in soundtracks was to play the hand bells a minor second apart to create suspense. Shortly after receiving them, L.A. Percussion Rentals mounted the hand bells on a rack so they could be played more easily by a single person.

This instrument is traditionally written for 1 octaves below where it actually sounds.


  • Handbells with hard beaters punctuate downbeats in the song "Everything You Can Think of is True" from the Alice album by Tom Waits.

Please note: these are just examples, as playing technique and mallet/stick choices often have a great effect on the timbre.

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