Log Drums, Chromatically Tuned

Log Drums, Chromatically Tuned

(Tuned Log Drums, Tongue Drum, Tamburo di Legno, Tamburo di Legno Africano, Tambour de Bois, Troncs d' Arbres, Tambour à Fente, Teponaxtle, Teponaztli, Tambor de Tronco Hendido, Tambor de Hendidura, Holztrommel, Schlitztrommel, Afrikanische Schlitztrommel, Holzschlitztrommel, African Tree Drum, Jungle Wood Drum, Teponaztli, Tuned Log, Wooden Drum)

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Emil Richards bought these tuned log drums in the late 1970s from Michael Udow, an instrument craftsman from Michigan, who brought them to display at PASIC. During recording sessions, some composers would give Emil creative license to add them to the music if he heard a good place for them. Having a set available that was chromatic and in western tuning allowed them to be scored with other orchestral instruments.