(Loo-Jon, Metal Log Drum)

Mfg. by Bill Loughborough

For Orpheus: Apollo Trionfante, Circles, Gorgon and other pieces.

Price/Day $
C3, Eb3, F3, G3, Bb3, C4

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Lujon consists of metal tongs suspended inside a box; under each is a resonator. Emil often played it with a soft mallet. Although lujon was used in many types of films, it was notably used in underscoring chase scenes.

Some composers who wrote for lujon include Jerry Goldsmith, Gerald Fried, Dave Grusin, and John Williams. Emil bought his lujon simultaneously with Shelly Manne from craftsman Bill Loughborough in the 1960s.


  • The lujon, which plays an underlying repeating pattern in this theme from Henry Mancini's Hatari (1962), may not be Emil Richards', since he and Shelley Manne (who played on the score) bought theirs simultaneously. However, the Emil Richards' lujon at LAPR sounds nearly identical and has the same notes.

  • Quick demo of lujon. Sound can vary widely depending on type of beater used (here, it's fingers!).

Please note: these are just examples, as playing technique and mallet/stick choices often have a great effect on the timbre.

These sound excerpts, to the best of our knowledge (unless otherwise noted), include this actual instrument from our collection. To hear the instrument yourself, or to let us know of any errors, please contact us.