Mbira, Giant

Mbira, Giant

(Array Mbira, Sanza, Mbila, Linguaphone, Zanza, Afrikanische Harfe, Arpa Africana, Bass Mbira, Bass Kalimba, Bass Thumb Piano, Marimbula, Sansa)

Mfg. by Array Instruments

5 octaves of each note on each set of tines. Arranged in circle of 4ths.

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Emil Richards bought this giant mbira from Array Instruments in San Diego in the 1980s. This thumb piano is almost 5 chromatic octaves, and each tine has overtones of multiple octaves of that note when plucked. Emil tended to play it with picks rather than fingers; though he occasionally used harder metal picks, he actually preferred the sound of felt picks, which gave a warmer sound. In general, the music written for it tended to be sustained sounds, slow melodic passages, and double stops.


  • The giant mbira plays a melodic role in this clip from Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), composed by Michael Kamen. Also hear it at 3:25.

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