Water Chimes

Water Chimes

(Campana Sumergida en Agua)

Mfg. by Emil Richards

4 brass plates dip into water via foot pedal, producing descending glissando effect, similar to how a water gong works.

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  • Water chimes are used throughout "The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey" from the album Mingus (1979) by Joni Mitchell. Listen for them at the end of phrases.

  • Water chimes are used as texture in this clip from the Brothers' song, "Mighty Ocean" (1973). Also, jump to 34:20 to hear them with other instruments, repeatedly playing a downbeat.

  • In Batman Returns (1992), composed by Danny Elfman, a single descending water chime toll underlines a surreal, macabre feel.

  • In the soundtrack to Duel (1971) by Billy Goldenberg, the water chimes play a haunting role; listen for the bending metallic sound used in the foreground and then the background.

  • A quick demo of LAPR's water chimes.

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